Cnr Alice and Edward Sts Mittagong | Sundays at 10.30am


We encourage Christians who are committed to our church family to become members. This happens through a short series of membership classes and then a recommendation to Session. We believe membership makes an important contribution to our community. Here are some reasons why:

It’s biblical. Jesus established the local church and all the apostles did their ministry through it. The Christian life in the New Testament is church life. Christians today should expect and desire the same.

It’s how to officially represent Jesus. Membership is the church’s affirmation that you are a citizen of Christ’s kingdom and therefore a card-carrying Jesus Representative before the nations.

It’s how to follow Christian leaders. Membership helps you to know which Christian leaders on planet Earth you are called to obey and follow. Again, it allows you to fulfil your biblical responsibility to them (see Heb. 13:7; 17).

God’s plan for his church is that we would belong to a local covenant community of faith. This is for our own protection and maturation, and for the good of others. Membership classes are held from time to time and will be announced at the proper times.

Feel free to contact us for more information.