Cnr Alice and Edward Sts Mittagong | Sundays at 10.30am

Connecting people


We are a community of people bound together by the love and mercy that God continually shows us. This motivates us to encourage each other to serve Jesus and others cheerfully and practically. Whilst our main meeting is on Sunday morning, there are groups and activities that take place during the week.

We also connect informally in many unseen ways. The phone call, the prayer, sharing the Bible together and words of assurance are important expressions of the Christian life. And yes, we do disagree occasionally, and we do our best to resolve our issues for nothing is more important that the unity we have in Christ.


Building community


The Highland Pipes Band

How wonderful it is to meet each week at our hall and play. The local community looks forward  to their coming and sit out on their verandahs to listen.